Lost in Nowhere

Experience a blend of action, adventure, and horror in "Lost in Nowhere." Solve puzzles in a dark labyrinth while creatures hunt you. Find weapons and survive!

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About This Game

Dive into the oppressive atmosphere of "Lost in Nowhere," an intense mix of action, adventure, and horror. Your mission: solve three puzzles to escape a complex labyrinth. But beware, darkness holds dangers... creatures lurk in the shadows, hunting you. Collect weapons and ammunition, and use them wisely. If you run out of ammo, solving the puzzles and surviving will become nearly impossible.

Unrelenting Pursuit

Terrifying creatures await in the dark corridors of the labyrinth, ready to drag you into the depths. With only a limited amount of ammunition, you must carefully decide when to fight and when to flee.

Complex Puzzles

Three challenging puzzles stand between you and your freedom. Solve them and find the exit before time runs out and new dangers are unleashed.

Explore Various Locations

The labyrinth leads to different eerie locations. Discover an abandoned small town, roam through a creepy cemetery, climb a decaying tower, and explore a dark forest with a silent lake. Each location presents its own challenges and secrets to uncover.

Time is the Enemy

A relentless countdown adds pressure as you navigate the labyrinth. Every second counts if you want to solve the puzzles and find the exit before new creatures are released.

Struggle for Survival

Find weapons and ammunition to defend yourself against the darkness, but be warned: ammo is scarce, and without it, the puzzles will be nearly unsolvable..

Choose the mode that suits you best

Wendigo Mode

Find and kill three very powerful Wendigos

Normal Mode

Solve three complex puzzles, explore different locations, and survive!

Doomsday Mode

Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons and ammunition and face relentless waves of creatures


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Now available on Steam

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